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City Water Conservation
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Do you want to make a difference? Join the City Water Conservation team! We are looking for individuals who are passionate about conserving water and making a positive  impact on the environment.

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"I started this company based on the years of need and lack of empathy for homeowners going through an insurance claim. There were, and still are, many who wait for days at a time for their appointed leak detection company to assist in finding their leak, let alone fix it. I had very little experience in running a business but decided to let that void in the industry guide me to start and grow City Water Conservation Inc."

- Jamie Bolin, Owner/President

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of something groundbreaking and special?

The leak detection aspect of plumbing is already a niche in itself, but here we’ve decided to specialize in it even more. The traditional leak detection company is equipped to find and sometimes even fix leaks in parking lots, pools, and homes; often they're called on by other plumbing companies as specialists.

Many of these jobs can be challenging healthily, but because leak detection is not a perfect science, it can result in a degree of stress to be on the mark or shake the confidence of a plumbing apprentice when they miss. This can lead to frustration not just from the plumbing apprentice but also their leak detection trainer but finding leaks and listening for the underground ones is experience-driven.

city water conservation team during a leak detection and repair project

Latest tech company

Our company has found the easiest barrier of entry and introduction for a new plumber apprentice is learning to find residential water leaks causing damage to the inside of a home using the latest yet simplest thermal imaging, moisture reading, and ultrasonic listening technology available. Because we only perform six basic services at a high rate of volume, this has allowed us to climb to the top to not only compete with but bring more value to our customers than any company classified as our competitor.

city water conservation team during a leak detection and repair project

How does one start to find that confidence in finding leaks?

Your traditional leak detection companies can have excellent trainers who exercise a great deal of patience and care when teaching but it can often still feel discouraging to a new plumbing helper.

Remember, we’re just discussing the leak detection aspect of plumbing which has even more branches. Most plumbing trade school setups break plumbing down into three aspects: water, sewer, and gas. Our company has broken down the leak detection side of just water into three fields: Residential, Pool, and Commercial.

Each trade skill area requires not only its own unique set of plumbing skills but the levels of difficulty and amount of equipment needed also increases.

Great potential for growth

Our focus is on delivering clear communication from our marketing team and their business-to-business integrations with our system to our educational-focused website and friendly production team members over the phone. When a plumbing technician learns our leak detection processes, the troubleshooting wheels get turned, and our simple job pack-out systems and checklists make learning happen at an accelerated pace. This quickly instills confidence and opens up new paths for growth for trainees in themselves and within the company.

city water conservation team during a leak detection and repair project

Work for a licensed company

One of the greatest advantages a plumber apprentice has to working for a licensed plumbing company is that after four years of continuous employment, they can take those next steps to test for their own license. Although our company is focused on such a small aspect of plumbing, a plumber helper will learn the building blocks of plumbing becoming quickly independent in a matter of months as opposed to a year or longer working at a full-service plumbing company. Plumbing is one of those trades where you’re always going to be learning but being able to find water leaks independently early on is a major contribution to our company’s team dynamics and the homeowners we help.

city water conservation team during a leak detection and repair project

Top-tier leak detection and repair service provider

Our company has the privilege of being recognized as a top-tier leak detection and repair service provider for many insurance and restoration companies throughout Northern California. This has blessed us with a hefty service area where a large amount of our time is spent driving to inspect water leaks causing damage resulting in homeowner’s insurance claims and tracking down underground leaks contributing to high water bills. One of the most fulfilling parts of leak detection is being able to figure out where the leak is and even fix it right then to restore water back onto the home.

city water conservation team during a leak detection and repair project

Busy all year-round!

Our company is not only welcoming to those willing to learn the plumbing trade, but we also understand the traditional plumbing company can entail performing many different or unfavorable tasks, and some leak detection companies typically focus on pool-related leaks which requires spending the majority of the time outdoors in all weather conditions. Since we focus on work related to water damage-related insurance claims, we stay busy year-round and are typically working indoors.

If this sounds like a place you’d like to learn more about, we’d love the opportunity to explore your potential career here!

city water conservation team during a leak detection and repair project