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Premier slab leak solutions to protect your property.

Secure your space with our detailed leak detection and slab repair services. We deliver precise solutions to shield your property from expensive damage.

Proudly serving Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, and Simi Valley, CA.

Jonathan was amazing! He found the leak and fixed it on the spot; it's only been four days, but so far, no more water loss!
Eric Espinoza
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No longer worry about leaks.

City Water Conservation is at the forefront of transforming how leaks are detected and avoided, safeguarding your Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, or Simi Valley home from water damage. Our approach is proactive and innovative, focusing on two key areas: rapid response to plumbing emergencies and the adoption of advanced home technologies that are eco-friendly and water-wise, benefitting both you and your insurance providers.

As water becomes increasingly scarce, we invite you to join our efforts to treasure this invaluable resource by implementing vital measures in your home or business spaces. Our dedicated team supports you in every step of the journey.

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City Water Conservation Inc. is devoted to honest and ethical insurance claims handling. We're here to furnish you with the essential tools for efficient water management, ensuring you can rely on your water system to perform reliably, bringing peace of mind and assurance.

Reliable leak detection and repair specialists.

Place your trust in City Water Conservation, distinguished for its outstanding leak detection services. We stand as the chosen partners for numerous insurance carriers and restoration firms.

Prompt and precise leak  services.

The key to effective leak management lies in an immediate response. Our team is ready daily to deliver a quick on-site service, employing advanced leak detection technology to identify and address leaks in your plumbing systems effectively.

Expertise in slab leaks, pool leaks, and other repairs.

You can count on us for comprehensive repair leak services. Our skilled technicians possess extensive expertise in detecting a range of leaks, backed by complete licensing, bonding, and insurance, ensuring any leak-related problems on your property are addressed with expert care.

leak detection in Simi Valley, California

Leak Detection and Repair

Unexpected leaks can lead to swift water damage, yet unseen leaks present the greatest challenge. At City Water Conservation, we're fully equipped to provide prompt leak detection assistance in Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, and Simi Valley.

Utilizing cutting-edge leak detection technology and precision moisture sensors, we're adept at quickly identifying the source and location of water and slab leaks. Our comprehensive evaluations range from basic inspections, like checking for leaks near rooftops or windows, to sophisticated techniques, such as infrared scanning for hidden moisture. Our top-tier leak detection gear, including thermal imaging cameras, accurately locates the origin of leaks, no matter the size. Once we've pinpointed the issue, our experienced technicians are on standby to resolve any plumbing problem, from simple leaks to severe water line damages, ensuring thorough and effective repairs.

water line slab leak repair on home in Moorpark, California

Slab Leak Repair

It's important to address slab leaks immediately; these occur when hot water taps are not used for prolonged periods, causing water in the pipes to cool and condense. This leads to a cycle of heating and cooling that, coupled with soil corrosion, can wear down copper pipes. A telltale sign of a slab leak might be an unexpected spike in your gas bill, suggesting that your water heater is working overtime to keep water at a consistent temperature.

City Water Conservation brings over twenty years of expertise in slab leak resolution. Our services are all-encompassing, offering everything from selective re-piping to complete plumbing system overhauls designed for Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, and Simi Valley residents. We pride ourselves on providing a clear set of repair options, each with a thorough explanation, to empower you to make the best decision for your home.

Moen Smart Water Shutoff Valve installed on a home in Thousand Oaks, California.

Moen Smart Water Shutoff Installation

Experience exceptional installation services for the Moen Flo Smart Water Shutoff system from City Water Conservation. Our team of skilled plumbing experts is dedicated to securing your residential property against potential water damage, offering proactive solutions like installing automatic shutoff valves and leak detectors on your home.

Why choose the Moen Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff? It's more than just a device; it's a comprehensive solution to water damage prevention. As certified Moen plumbing specialists, we pride ourselves on advocating for Moen's exceptional customer support and the system's straightforward operation, making it an ideal choice for homeowners.

With our expertise, you can trust that your Flo leak detection system will be installed correctly, ensuring optimal performance. Benefit from the automatic shutoff and detectors that easily integrate into your home, providing a modern and practical management solution to your home's plumbing system.

Choose us for an installation experience that goes beyond the ordinary plumber, backed by our commitment to excellence and the advancement of smart plumbing with the Moen Flo. Plus, in the event of leaks hidden in hard-to-reach locations, our leak detection specialists are readily available to pinpoint and address these issues promptly.

A crack by a swimming pool

Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair

Leaks aren't exclusive to pipes; they can happen in your pool, too. If there's a leak that you're worried about in your swimming pool, our skilled professionals at City Water Conservation are at your service. Armed with specialized knowledge and the latest leak detection technology, we're adept at pinpointing and resolving pool leak issues. No matter the scope of the issue, from the minor to the more complex, you can rely on our team to diagnose the problem accurately and provide effective solutions to ensure your pool remains in pristine condition.

water line plumbing repipe on a home in Moorpark, California

Complete and Partial Repiping

Sometimes, a singular repipe of a water line is the optimal solution in cases of slab leaks, especially if your home has yet to suffer damage from a current leak or if the water line has undergone several leaks quickly. City Water Conservation offers specialized repiping services, ensuring the redirection of the necessary water line is done with the utmost care to prevent additional damage.

Leveraging years of expertise in water line repiping, City Water Conservation has carried out many superior-quality repiping projects. For some homeowners, opting for a partial repipe may be more economical and just as effective. This technique involves repiping only the hot water lines, which can significantly extend the overall lifespan of your plumbing system beneath the slab.

Our full-service repiping is particularly beneficial for older homes with legacy piping, such as cast iron and galvanized pipes, prone to corrosion and blockages over time. In contrast, modern homes typically utilize more durable and maintenance-friendly piping materials such as PVC, CPVC, or PEX. City Water Conservation excels in upgrading homes to these modern piping systems, enhancing longevity and functionality. Committed to excellence, we install Smart Home Flo Leak Detection devices to ensure your plumbing system remains efficient and leak-free.

City Water Conservation guys are your water problem guys to go for sure. From the first call to the dispatch delivery to providing professional consultation and the right solution, they are awesome...
Mihir Oza
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Safeguard your property from leaks and unnecessary repairs.

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