Why Flo?

flo water meter advantages

When we first found out about smart home water devices like these, we were excited. Through our past experiences we had seen the amount of damage water can do to a home or business. To find out you could now prevent water damage was intriguing. We found the smart home Flo water meter, but weren’t willing to settle on it until we did a thorough search on similar smart home water device products. We factored in the relationships and networking strength and exposure the manufacturers had with major insurers, functionality of the smart home water device and phone application, ease or difficulty of installation — and most importantly the responsiveness and extent of support their staff were capable of providing our potential customers.

As leak detection specialists, we recognized that we could provide value to all these smart home water devices. We also recognized we could make them full-service. But, we wanted to align ourselves with a product that could provide our customers value for their purchase. We didn’t want a situation where we installed thousands of these smart home water devices and become bombarded with calls full of technical questions or dissatisfied customers wanting us to remove their devices. We also wanted a smart home water device that could turn our customers into our own junior leak detection specialists with assistance from the support team. With the right device, customers can address their own easy-to-find leaks often hidden in plain sight potentially removing the need for our services we provide to insurers through the claims industry.

As we continued our research and discussing the additional tools smart home water devices like these provide, the most prominent advantage was the conservation of water. Because we live in a state with ever increasing demands for water, we wanted to be at the forefront in conserving water. We must do this while assisting to prevent water damage and use our skill set to provide the tools necessary to fix those leaks due to failed plumbing systems.

Through all these factors we immediately began work building a company that could facilitate this new market — while improving on the services we already provided with regards to the insurance claims industry. Because this smart home water device assists you in tracking water use and leaks in real-time, we wanted our customers to know we would be readily available through our online booking system.

We understand this smart home water device can be installed by a service plumbing specialist and we value the services they provide our industry. But for most, their work stops at installation of the smart home water device. As leak detection specialists we treat every smart home water device installation as a leak detection performed in the future. We walk customers through their phone application after linking it to their smart home water device. We even pass on the knowledge to empower every customer in becoming our junior leak detection water savers — with City Water Conservation to lean on for assistance.

As we conducted our search for other smart home water devices we knew any devices that could not test for micro leaks and automatically shut the water off upon a pipe rupture were not worth consideration. We needed a smart home water device insurance companies would likely approve of. Slow leaks can cause mold and plumbing supply breaks can cause catastrophic water damage both resulting in costly remediation and repairs.

There are other smart home water devices without these desired features that can assist in monitoring your water use or assist in preventing water damage that are less costly to purchase and don’t require cutting into your water line saving you money in the short term. There are smart home water devices you snap onto your main water line that can help track your water use but are less effective because they don’t have that in-line valve. This means they cannot test for micro leaks and cannot remotely shut your water off in case of plumbing supply failure. There are other smart water devices known as smart home water sensors we like to call “squeakers”. You place these smart home water sensors in all the critical places you could get a leak (water heater, washing machine, under a sink, toilet area, etc.). As you start adding up how many areas in your home need these sensors, the money spent begins to add up with these smart home water sensors. These smart home water sensors also require flooding to begin occurring in your home with hopes the water reaches these sensors before a lot of damage has already occurred. It’s good to know there are so many great people out there making smart home water devices like these sensors and monitor. We hope they fill the needs of those utilizing them. As leak detection specialists, we prefer the smart home Flo water meter.

We want to discuss how the smart home Flo water meter install stacks up to what our research found to be the three closest competitors. We analyze them from an installer’s perspective because we can make all three of these devices full-service.

Flo vs Phyn Install

Initially when we started our search, we found the smart home Phyn water meter. After it passed our tests from a leak detection standpoint, we decided to compare the Flo vs Phyn install experience with regards to price for device and cost of installation. The first obvious difference we saw regarding the Flo vs Phyn install was price. There is quite a difference in price especially since the Phyn can also only be installed on no larger than 1-1/4” pipe size. The next Flo vs Phyn install issue we looked at was it’s larger profile. With our years of experience working on main water lines, we knew we would find ourselves building many plumbing loops to create secure installations we could feel confident would last. Building loops are not a problem but we would have to take them into account and build them into our pricing. And with regards to the Flo vs Phyn install, we knew the combination of both prices would greatly increase the time for the return on investment for our customers.

flo vs phyn install

Flo vs Buoy Install

The next closest contender we found to the smart home Flo water meter was the smart home Buoy water meter. After it passed our tests from a leak detection standpoint, we decided to compare the Flo vs Buoy install experience with regards to price for device and cost of installation. The first confusing aspect that stood out to us when it came to the Flo vs Bouy install was the pricing structure. It included installation for a reasonable price along with a monthly subscription to the Buoy service ($17.99/mo, paid annually). We knew what the cost to do business as even just general plumbers in the areas we service were and assumed the budget allocated for installation had a lack of incentive for many potential installers. Couple the lack of incentive for installers with a revolving payment system and the pricing didn’t sit well with us. The other problem we found regarding the Flo vs Buoy install was the size and weight of the smart home Buoy water meter. Much similar to the Phyn install we knew we would have to find ourselves building plumbing supply loops to achieve a solid installation we could stand behind. Although we appreciated the thought Buoy put into creating their own supplied plumbing loop, we were not confident in guaranteeing our work to a third party even using what they provided.

Flow vs Buoy install

Flo vs FloLogic Install

This particular device was unique to us when we found it because it really showed us how this market is being flooded with products. With regards to the Flo vs FloLogic install, this device is just plain expensive with too many moving parts. The above devices already accomplishes this using their software and customer smart phones. Flo vs FloLogic are comparable with the size pipe they can be installed on since Flo Technologies has a commercial sized model that still comes in at a lower price than the cheapest FloLogic selection. The last aspect with the Flo vs FloLogic install is its longer profile and how it plays into the difficulty of installation. Just like the other two devices in comparison we would have to take size into account and charge accordingly.

flo vs flologic install