Got Questions?

Leak Inspection Questions

Will the water need to be shut off during the leak detection? 

Yes, during our leak detection and repair process, water will be temporarily shut down. This is essential when inspecting the main or domestic plumbing systems in the home to ensure accurate detection.

Will my house sink or have damage to the foundation in the event of a slab leak?

No, there's a moisture barrier underneath the slab foundation to prevent water from surfacing, ensuring that the foundation remains intact. If a slab leak does occur, the water under the home will most likely find the path of least resistance away from the structure and flow into the water table. Regular slab leak detection can help in early identification and prompt slab leak repair to prevent potential issues.

How do you locate a leak that is hidden or under a concrete slab? 

Considering the advancements in technology, we also offer smart home leak detection device installation. These devices can alert you in real-time if a potential leak is detected, allowing for swift action and minimizing damage.

How do I know if I have a leak? 

There are several ways to know if you have a potential leak, such as: If there are any warm floors on a slab foundation. If you hear the sound of water running but no fixtures are turned on. You can also look at your water meter, there is usually a triangle or needle that indicates usage. Turn off all fixtures in the home, if the dial continues to spin, you likely have a leak.

How long does a leak detection appointment take?

Times vary from job to job, but will usually take around 2 hours to complete the inspection.

Do you perform leak detections on pools? 

We do not but our close partners EB Leak Detection can assist you with all your pool water saving needs.

Why should I choose City Water Conservation to perform a leak detection instead of my usual plumber?

Most plumbers advertise they do leak detection but can use invasive methods. The better plumbers will utilize similar equipment to ours but may not be able to determine the cause and origin of your leak to compile into their report of findings.

Flo Water Meter Questions

How long does a Flo water meter take to install? 

Times vary from job to but we estimate it takes about 1.5 - 2.5 hours to complete the installation.

What happens after the Flo water meter is installed? 

The device immediately goes into learning mode. We encourage our customers to use the water normally at this time, so that the device can begin to learn the habits of the homes water usage. After the first week in learning mode, the device switches over to home mode, protecting your domestic plumbing system from that point.

Do I need to be present during the Flo installation? 

We recommend being present at the time of the installation. Our company will help pair the device with the customer’s smartphone and walk through the device to troubleshoot any problems.

How do I use the Flo water meter to find leaks in my home?

Flo automatically performs a “health test” every night to test for leaks in the system. If you a get a notification of a leak, we recommend going through the home and shutting off individual valves / angle stops and running the health test again. If you subsequently pass the test it was likely one of the valves you shut off. You can also shut off the supply at the water heater to isolate the hot and cold plumbing in the home.

What happens when my Flo water meter becomes outdated or needs to be replaced? 

The manufacturer has created your Flo water meter with a simple, double union profile. After we do our initial installation, you can now do any further updates on your own or with us to help if needed.

Is the Flo protection plan worth it? 

Absolutely. It extends the warranty on your smart home Flo water meter. It adds to your peace of mind with their deductible guarantee. Most importantly, your smart home Flo water meter will now share a water use breakdown by fixture to help show where to improve water conservation.

My home has been disqualified due to galvanized piping, what should I do? 

In our opinion, houses with galvanized piping benefit most from having a smart home Flo water meter. Consult with us to see how we can custom build you a system to help make it work.

Have the current smart home Flo customers you've installed for used your services after installation? 

Yes. We’ve repaired minor issues from slightly running toilets to customers using us to build custom pipe work unrelated to the smart home Flo water meter.