Covid-19 Update: City Water Conservation is still operational. Our professionals wear masks and gloves, taking the proper safety precautions for every essential leak detection service and repair.

Reliable Leak Detection and Repair in Riverside, Fontana and San Bernardino

Expert slab leak solutions for your property.

Secure your space with our precision leak detection and slab repair services. In Riverside, Fontana, and San Bernardino, we deliver meticulous solutions to safeguard your property from costly damage.

Serving Riverside, Fontana, and San Bernardino, CA.

"Very professional and very considerate of your home. I will definitely give them a five star."
Barbara Mccleskey
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Say goodbye to leak concerns.

Protect your Riverside, Fontana, or San Bernardino residence from water damage. At City Water Conservation, we're revolutionizing leak detection with our forward-thinking approach. Our mission revolves around two pivotal objectives: providing immediate support for plumbing crises and integrating cutting-edge home technology with eco-conscious water strategies to benefit both you and your insurers.

With the growing urgency for water conservation, your participation in our efforts becomes more vital. Enjoy preserving this precious commodity by adopting essential measures in your residential or commercial spaces. Our team is committed to supporting you at every phase.

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City Water Conservation Inc. is committed to transparent and moral management of insurance claims. Our goal is to equip you with the critical resources for effective water management and to ensure the dependability of your water system, offering you serenity and assurance.

Trusted leak detection and repair experts.

Have confidence in choosing City Water Conservation, renowned for its exemplary leak detection services. We are the preferred partner for many insurance companies and restoration firms.

Swift and accurate leak services.

The essence of leak management is a prompt and precise response. Available every day of the week, our crew guarantees a fast presence on-site, utilizing sophisticated leak detection tools to pinpoint and diagnose leaks in your plumbing system efficiently.

Masters in slab leak, swimming pool leak, and other repairs.

Rely on City Water Conservation for all your leak repair needs. Our adept technicians are well-versed in uncovering various types of leaks, holding full licensing, bonding, and insurance to resolve any leak issues on your premises with proficiency.

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Leak Detection and Repair

Leaks can occur suddenly, leading to immediate water damage, but the hidden leaks pose the biggest challenge. We are fully outfitted to assist Riverside, Fontana, and San Bernardino with urgent leak detection support.

Employing state-of-the-art leak detection tools and sophisticated moisture sensors, we can promptly pinpoint the cause and location of water and slab leaks. Our thorough assessments cover everything from standard checks, such as examining potential leak points near roofs or windows, to advanced methods, like infrared scanning, to detect moisture in concealed spaces. Our advanced leak detection equipment and thermal cameras will accurately identify the leak's origin, whether you're facing a minor drip or a major leak. Once detected, our skilled technicians are ready to address any plumbing issue, from a burst pipe to extensive water line damage, ensuring a complete and competent repair.

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Slab Leak Repair

Effective slab leak repair services are crucial. Dormant hot water taps can cause the water in pipes to cool and condense, resulting in external pipe "sweating." This continuous heating, cooling, condensation, and soil corrosivity cycle can wear down copper piping. A sudden spike in your gas bill may signal a slab leak, necessitating constant water heater operation to reach the desired temperature.

At City Water Conservation, we are seasoned professionals in slab leak diagnosis and repair with over two decades of service. Our comprehensive offerings include full or partial pipe replacement and new plumbing system installations, serving the communities of Riverside, Fontana, and San Bernardino. We provide you with an array of repair solutions, each with a clear breakdown of benefits and limitations, ensuring transparency in your choice.

Flo water meter installed on a home

Smart Home Flo Leak Detection Device Installation

Enhance your home's defense against water damage and support water-saving efforts by installing the Smart Home Flo Leak Detection Device. Our team of accredited plumbers is adept at installing and fully supporting the Smart Home Flo systems.

Our preference for the Smart Home Flo system stems from its outstanding customer support and the device's effectiveness in uncovering leaks that often go unnoticed. Its capabilities to mitigate water damage, reduce utility costs, and aid in water preservation make the Smart Home Flo Leak Detection Device a smart addition to any household. Plus, should you have leaks in challenging locations, our trained specialists are ready to pinpoint and resolve these issues promptly.

A crack by a swimming pool

Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair

Concerned about a leak in your pool? Our skilled professionals are on standby to provide top-tier assistance and support. Leveraging our extensive expertise and cutting-edge tools, we can precisely identify and address leaks in your swimming pool. Regardless of the scale of the issue, you can depend on us to diagnose the problem accurately and implement effective repair strategies to ensure your pool remains in impeccable condition.

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Complete and Partial Repiping

Opting for a complete repipe of your water lines might be the most effective choice, particularly in cases of slab leaks. This is crucial for homes that haven't yet incurred damage from a current leak, or for those that have experienced several leaks in quick succession. Our specialized repiping services are designed to reroute your essential water lines, thereby reducing the risk of future damage.

With our extensive background in water line repiping, our track record includes numerous successful projects. For many homeowners, a selective repipe can be a more economical choice, involving the replacement of only the hot water lines, which prolongs the life of your existing plumbing infrastructure.

Tailored for homes with older piping systems made of materials like cast iron or galvanized pipes, our repiping services address issues inherent to these materials, such as corrosion and blockages. Modern alternatives like PVC, CPVC, and PEX are utilized for their durability and ease of installation. At City Water Conservation, our expertise lies in fitting new, high-quality pipes, ensuring excellence in every project we undertake. Additionally, we offer and install state-of-the-art Smart Home Flo Leak Detection systems to maintain the integrity of your home’s water system.

Professional and responsive. They got us an estimate the same day and scheduled the following week for very reasonable prices. We were impressed!
Lindsey Cheas
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Defend your property against leaks and costly repairs.

In search of reliable plumbing services in Riverside, Fontana, or San Bernardino for leak detection and slab leak repair? Look no further! Our rapid response and expert repair work will bring you peace of mind and safeguard your property from additional damage.