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Dependable Leak Detection and Repair in West Sacramento, Woodland, and Davis, CA

Fixing slab leaks, one home at a time.

Protect your space with our professional leak detection and slab leak repair services in West Sacramento, Woodland, and Davis. We offer precise solutions to safeguard your property from costly damages.

Serving West Sacramento, Woodland, and Davis, CA

"Came in to investigate a leak. VERY thorough, trying to solve a mystery that did not provide a lot of clues. Were able to investigate and find the cause, and provided a lot of additional insight and information, as well as a prompt report of the findings."
Kristofer F.
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Say goodbye to worries about leaks.

Avoid the troubles of water damage in your West Sacramento, Woodland, or Davis residence or establishment. At City Water Conservation, our leak detection company prioritizes innovation. Our business is founded on two main objectives: providing assistance during plumbing emergencies and integrating smart home technology with eco-friendly water solutions for you and your insurers.

With water scarcity on the rise, it is of utmost importance to conserve this invaluable resource. You can contribute to our conservation efforts by implementing necessary measures in your home or business — and we are here to help you.

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At City Water Conservation Inc., our top priority is to ensure transparency and integrity when handling insurance claims. Our goal is to equip you with the necessary resources to conserve water and maintain a dependable water system, giving you peace of mind.

Your reliable choice for leak detection and repair.

You can be confident that you are choosing a leak-detection company with an excellent track record. We are excited to have the opportunity to be the preferred option for many insurance carriers and restoration companies.

Fast and accurate service.

Timely response is of utmost importance when it comes to leak detection. Our team provides leak detection services seven days a week, promptly arriving at your property. Using advanced and accurate water leak detectors, we efficiently locate and identify water and plumbing leaks.

We identify and fix slab leaks, pool leaks, and other plumbing issues.

If you require a leak repair, rest assured that City Water Conservation is here to assist you. Our team of skilled technicians specializing in leak detection is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to fix any water leaks on your property efficiently.

leak detection in West Sacramento, CA

Leak Detection and Repair

Unexpected leaks can occur suddenly, leading to swift water damage. Yet, the most challenging leaks are the ones that evade easy detection. If you require urgent leak detection support, our experienced team is fully prepared to assist you in West Sacramento, Woodland, or Davis.

With the help of advanced leak detection technology and a precise water leak sensor, we can quickly pinpoint the cause and origin of water and slab leaks. Our comprehensive tests cover everything from basic checks, like inspecting areas prone to roof or window leaks, to using infrared technology for moisture tracking and visualizing hidden spaces. Whether you suspect a slow leak or have small leaks on your property, our water leak detector and thermal imaging technology will accurately locate the source of the problem. Once identified, whether it's a broken pipe, plumbing system issue, or damaged water lines, our repair crew will promptly fix it with utmost care.

slab leak repair project in West Sacramento

Slab Leak Repair

Repair services for slab leaks are crucial. When hot water taps remain unused for extended periods, the water inside the pipes cools down, resulting in condensation and causing the exterior of the pipe to sweat. The continuous cycle of heating, cooling, and condensation, along with the corrosive nature of the soil, leads to the deterioration of copper pipes. An indication of a potential slab leak is a significant increase in your gas bill, indicating that the water heater is constantly running to maintain the desired temperature in the tank.

With two decades of experience, City Water Conservation is a trusted expert in resolving slab leaks. Our services encompass complete and partial repiping, as well as comprehensive plumbing system installations designed specifically for homeowners in West Sacramento, Woodland, and Davis. We offer a transparent menu of repair options, providing detailed explanations associated with each choice.

Moen Smart Water Shutoff Valve installed on a home in Davis, California

Moen Smart Water Shutoff Installation

For protecting your home against water damage or conserving water, you might want to consider the Moen Smart Water Shutoff and Leak Detection Device. Our expertise as certified plumbers lies in Smart Home Flo installations, and we offer comprehensive support for the device.

We selected the Moen Smart Water Shutoff and Leak Detection Device due to its customer service team that is responsive and supportive. This device aids in identifying overlooked leaks. With its capability to prevent water damage, reduce water bills, and conserve water, the Moen Smart Water Shutoff and Leak Detection Device is a convenient choice for enhancing your smart home. Furthermore, if there are leaks concealed in difficult-to-access areas, you can easily arrange for one of our leak detection experts to locate and resolve the issue.

A crack by a swimming pool in Woodland, California

Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair

Swimming pools can also suffer from leaks! If you suspect a leak in your West Sacramento swimming pool, our team of experts is here to offer assistance and support. With our specialized expertise and advanced equipment, we can accurately detect and locate any leaks in your pool. Whether it's a small concern or a significant problem, you can trust us to identify the issue and provide the required solutions to maintain your pool in excellent condition.

Water line repipe project on a home in West Sacramento

Complete and Partial Repiping

For certain instances of slab leaks, opting for a single water line repipe can prove to be the most efficient solution. This is particularly crucial if your home hasn't incurred any damage from the current slab leak or if your water line has experienced multiple leaks within a short span. With our specialized water line repipe services, rest assured that we will redirect the required water line while minimizing potential harm.

With our extensive experience in water line repipe work spanning decades, we have successfully executed numerous high-quality projects. In certain scenarios, homeowners may find that choosing a partial water line repipe provides a more cost-effective resolution. This method entails exclusively repiping the hot side of the water lines, effectively prolonging the lifespan of the remaining under-slab plumbing.

We offer a comprehensive water repiping service that caters to older homes with cast iron and galvanized pipes. While these pipes are durable, they can rust and get clogged over time. In contrast, modern homes use plastic pipes like PVC (polyvinyl chloride pipe), CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe), or PEX (cross-linked polyethylene), which are corrosion-resistant and easier to work with. At City Water Conservation, we specialize in installing these new pipes for your property. To guarantee the highest quality of our work, we also provide and install a Smart Home Flo Leak Detection device, ensuring your home remains leak-free.

"Every aspect of my experience with City Water Conservation was excellent! James, Michael and Ray were all extraordinary. Their communication was always clear. They kept me informed throughout the whole process explaining the entire process in layman's terms. They arrived when they said they would. James always told me the first and last names of the men who would be here doing the work. They did an excellent job cleaning up after their work. The city building inspector cleared their work with flying colors. I will recommend them to everyone I know! Thank you gentlemen!"
Carol W.
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Protect your property from leaks and costly damages with effective safeguards in place.

If you're seeking plumbing companies in the West Sacramento area with expertise in leak detection and slab leak repair, search no more! Our swift response and quality repairs will restore your peace of mind and protect your property from further damage.