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Leak Detection Through Prevention

Experience why your neighbors in Folsom and nearby cities trust City Water Conservation for all their leak detection and repair needs.

Serving Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Rancho Cordova

City Water Conservation Inc operates with full transparency and integrity with regards to insurance claims and strives to be at the forefront in providing you the tools needed to conserve water and give you peace of mind knowing your water system is in good standing — while saving you from making overarching repairs.

Worried about a leak in your home or business?

At City Water Conservation, we’re a leak detection company of the future. We’ve built our company to fill two needs — assisting you and your insurers in addressing your plumbing disasters, and merging the smart home with the green home for your water needs. 

City Water Conservation operates with full transparency and integrity with regards to insurance claims — and we're at the forefront in providing the tools needed to give you peace of mind knowing your water system is in good standing. This saves you from the stress of dealing with overarching repairs and other expensive problems. Check out what your neighbors throughout Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Rancho Cordova are saying our verified reviews page

Water is our most precious resource and is becoming more scarce — with no signs of recovery. Help us preserve this vital resource by taking the proper measures for your home. Take a look at our services below — or tap on one of the buttons to speak with an expert about your leak detection needs:

city water conservation is a 2019 superpro user
city water conservation team during a leak detection and repair project
Excellent service, fair price and on time!
Five Star Restoration & Construction Inc, Rancho Cordova CA
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Leak Detection & Repair

Some leaks suddenly happen and cause water damage and high water bills in a short period of time — but the ones where you can’t find a leak are the most difficult. When you need fast response to a leak detection, we’re prepared to help you in El Dorado Hills, Folsom and nearby cities. With the latest leak detection technology, we can help you find the cause and origin of those leaks — all at the click of a button with our online booking. Onsite, our leak detection outfit simulates the cause and origin of those leaks. These tests include doing simple checks like running the water hose on a suspected area where a roof or window leaks — to using infrared technology to see through walls and track moisture.

Our offices operate 7 days a week and offer same or next day slab leak repairs. Make sure you do your research when viewing other company websites, third party contractor sites and review sites and see if they are displaying photos of their actual work — and not a grouping of stock photos or tagged banner with their company name! City Water Conservation has years of experience working in Rancho Cordova, Folsom and surrounding areas.

Jamie Bolin, City Water Conservation during a leak detection project in folsom
"I had a tricky leak situation and had a hard time determining the source of the leak. Owner Jamie and Collin have been very kind and helpful. They patiently went over all of my questions so I knew what was going on and what to expect. On the day of the repair, they showed up exactly as scheduled and did a great job. Highly recommend this company!"
Charles Z, Folsom CA
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Smart Home Flo Leak Detection Device Installation

Whether you are looking for peace of mind to prevent water damage or want to conserve water, a Smart Home Flo Leak Detection Device can safeguard your home. As licensed plumbers, we’re a Smart Home Flo Installer and as a leak detection company, we make the device full-service. All of our Flo Install related services are available to you through the ease of online booking. When you hire us as your installers, we become your trusted advisers. 

We chose the Smart Home Flo Leak Detection Device because of its responsive and helpful support staff. The device helps you find those leaks often in plain sight. The ability to help prevent water damage, avoid high water bills and conserve water makes the smart home Flo leak Detection Device an easy choice in making your smart home smarter. And for those leaks tucked away in hidden places, you can easily book one of our leak detection specialists to track down and fix your leaks.

We encounter many water damage incidents regularly throughout Folsom, El Dorado Hills and surrounding areas regularly, some of which can be prevented. With a Smart Home Leak Detection Device, you’re preventing leaks, avoid high water bills, and conserving water. It can detect even the smallest leaks — while also preventing catastrophic ones. To that end, offering the product is a critical service. Book your installation today — or visit to learn more about what you get. 

Flo water meter install
"City Water Conservation was very responsive, scheduling online is straightforwards and convenient. Jamie and his crew showed up on time, and made the recommendation of installing the Flo device inside our garage instead of outdoor, which allows us to control the device inside, avoid other people tampering with the equipment, although installing it inside added extra work to them! They are very knowledgable of the leak detection and Flo installation, and quick follow-up to address any questions we had with our Flo device. will definitely use them again."
Yue H, Granite Bay CA
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Slab Leak Repair

If you require a slab leak repair, chances are you’re dealing with a situation you’ve never experienced. We can take that stress away by addressing your slab leak repair with the least damage possible. At City Water Conservation, we provide a prompt and transparent slab leak repair service. Our online booking system lets you see our availability — and prevents us from making promises we may not be able to keep. This helps us service homeowners throughout Northern California in cities like Rancho Cordova, El Dorado Hills and Folsom.

We’ve been providing slab leak repair for almost 20 years. The rise in demand for slab leak repair in cities like El Dorado Hills and Folsom tends to be on tract homes built on deep foundation concrete slabs filled with gravel. These copper pipes being embedded in these gravel beds causes friction to grind holes into the pipes and is why slab leak repair services are so important in cities like El Dorado Hills and Folsom.

Some slab leaks may not ever cause any damage and homeowners can go weeks, and sometimes even months with a broken underground water line not knowing they need a slab leak repair. A high gas bill is typically what draws suspicion as the water heater is working round the clock trying to keep the water warm in the tank.

Our company offers complete and partial repipe work or new plumbing installation to homeowners in need of slab leak repair in Folsom and surrounding areas. We give you the options from our transparent menu for repairs — and educate you on the pros and cons for each option.

slab leak repair projectfolsom slab leak repair
"Excellent service. Came out and did a slab leak repair. Detailed everything that was being done with simplicity. Very affordable and works in a timely fashion. Appreciate you guys! "
Katherine J, Gold River CA
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Complete & Partial Repiping

With certain slab leaks, a single water line repipe may be the best course for repairs. This is especially important if your home has not been damaged by your current slab leak — or if your water line suffers from multiple leaks over a short period of time. With our mastery in water line repipe work, you can rest assured we will reroute the correct water line with the least amount of damage possible. 

Our decades of combined experience in water line repipe work has resulted in thousands of high-quality jobs. 95% of all slabs leaks we’ve encountered are found on the hot side of plumbing systems. In many cases, homeowners may find it most cost-effective to do a partial water line repipe. A partial repipe means we only repipe the hot side of your water lines. This maximizes the life of the rest of your under slab plumbing. 

For many of our neighbors in El Dorado Hills and Folsom, we understand you might have purchased a home with defective pex piping, such as Kitec or CPVC. Also many galvanized systems are in need of replacement. At City Water Conservation, we also offer a complete water repipe. With this service, we remove and replace your pipes with the highest grade pex and L grade copper. Then, we use the best name brand pipe joining materials. We stand behind our work by purchasing and installing a Smart Home Flo Leak Detection device for your now leak-free home.

home repiping project
Fully licensed and insured plumbers

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured plumbing contractors. Work with professionals for all your plumbing needs.
The City Water Conservation Team

Why Rancho Cordova, El Dorado Hills & Folsom Trust City Water Conservation

We started City Water Conservation with old fashioned values from our teachers. That said, we’ve built it with a forward-thinking mentality for the generations to come. Many would consider us a leak detection company. Others would categorize us as plumbing repairmen — or even smart home innovation installers. We’re much more than that — we’re an advanced water conservation network. And owning a Smart Home Water Device makes you a member along with our company, where we assist you with the tools to make it full-service.

Our experience starts with “the old man” dragging Jamie, the co-owner of the company, out of bed as a kid during summer vacation and teaching the value of hard work beginning in 1999. By 2010, we adopted Colin, our other co-owner, and began to specialize in the leak detection and repair field of plumbing learning from the best. This helped us eclipse even the most experienced leak detection specialists. Starting in 2019, the inception of our company, we look to surpass those in our field with new technology and bring peace of mind to homeowners — while taking the oath of integrity in the insurance claims industry a step further.

At City Water Conservation, we were once pupils to some of the best innovators of our field during our young adulthood and we’ve been trained to deliver quality service and expertise. With new age leak detection technology and accelerated efficiency, we strive to one day be recognized as masters of our field while keeping the conservation of water as a focal point.